Frequently Asked Questions


I have an old black and white photo from the 1920's, and I would like it restored and colorized. How much is that?
There is only one price for all restorations, $39.00. You get a free print and photo Cd. There is no additional charge if you like to have color added to it--also called colorized. Just Click Here Right Now and see our Before and After Samples.

What are the steps for having a photo restored online?
Just go to the Upload Photo and upload your photo. You will receive an automatic email confirmation of your upload.  All digital restoration's are only one price $39.00, so no quotes are needed or estimates to be made. Include your specific instructions, size print you would like, 5x7's or 8x10 -- and whether you like it in Black and White, Sepia (Brown tone), or Colorized (color added). Faded and damaged color photographs are also the same price, $39.00.

Once the restoration has been completed, we'll send you an email with easy instructions on downloading your restored photo. You can always email us or call us to find out the status of your restoration order. Also, we will send you by mail a Free prints 5x7's or 8x10 plus your picture on a disk at no extra cost.

How do I upload pictures?
Go to the Upload Photo, then follow the step by step directions to upload a picture. You will see a "Browse" button that will enable you to select a picture from your computer disk.

How do I get my photos onto my computer? You must first scan your photos onto your computer disk using a scanner, or transfer pictures from your digital camera to your computer.
If you do not have the ability to scan the photo, You can go to Office Depot or Staples and they can scan if for you. Just tell them to scan your photo at 600 dpi (dots per inch) resolution RGB (true color).

How should I scan the original photo to send to you?
Just scan it at 600 dpi (dots per inch)
RGB (true color) output. Format.
You can then Upload it to us or put it on CD and mail it to us. We accept CD rom disk, DVD, TIFF , Zip, JPG, and most other image files are also acceptable.

What are the steps for having a photo restoration mailed to you on a disk?
Just scan your photo and put it on a disk and mail us the disk with your specific instructions. We then will restore or colorize it and mail back to you a finished print and the file on disk within 10 working days. Also you can mail us your original photo. Use our Mail Photo Form.

Can you scan the photo?
Sure! Just mail us the photo and we'll scan, restore and mail you back your original photo and a finished print plus your restored photo on a disk. You can make as many prints you want from the disk There is no additional charge for us to scan your photo or to put the finished file on a CD disk..

How much does it cost to restore a photo?
All digital restoration's are one price, $39.00. Whether you need a black and white restored, a color photograph to be restored or even to add color (Colorize) to a black and white photo. It's just one price, $39.00. There are no estimates. No quotes are needed. No extra charge for additional subjects. No extra charge for extensive or excessive restoration work that needs to be done. You'll get a Free disk with your restored photo and a Free print. Plus, Free First Class Shipping. Or we can upload it back to you and you can make your own prints!

I uploaded a photo to you, can you mail me the disk and print instead of me having to download it?
Yes. Just include in your instructions when uploading your photo that you would like the free print and CD mailed to you. Also, if you just want to download the photo and don't require any prints of disk, then just include in your instructions "Upload Only", no print or disk needed.  

The picture that we need restored is a 16x20. Do you restore pictures that large?
Yes. We restore any large size photos. You can send your large photo by mail. You can also take your photo to Staples, Office Depot or FedEx Office and have them scan it for you. Or, you can scan it yourself by scanning your photo in parts. Once you have all the parts scanned, send us all the parts , we'll stitch it together and restore completely.  

What are your business hours and address?
Call now (323) 797-0635 for any questions you might have.
Our business hours are Monday's to Friday from 10:00am to 6:00pm. The address for sending your photos by mail is:

    P. O. Box 571961
    Los Angeles, CA 91357-1961.

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