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WOW! They are all very lovely! Thank-you, Hector.Cindy
Hector this picture really did exceed my expectation....its abolutely georgeous.....Thank you.


Hi, the last photo turned out great...given what you had to work with (you could probably tell that I had tried to 'piece' two different photos together on my own - one was poorer quality than the other...and I guess I wanted more of a Canadian sunny day. Fussy, fussy...It was brighter, clearer by far than the original, though...You do great work.


Thank you very much, It looks great!



I am really impressed with your work and the quality of your service.

I will be placing new orders very soon.




WOW, thanks for the amazing job and FANTASTIC speed!




I just received the restoration photos you did for me. The photos were very badly damaged and so I did not have high expectations of what could be done in restoring them. To say the least, I am absolutely blown away at how well they came out. The one photo had a tear right through my mother’s (the bride) face and you were able to restore it to look well and anyone looking at it would have no idea that it was a restoration. I am incredibly happy with the outcome. I had originally tried to have it done through Sears. The quality that came back was horrible, they took a sharp picture and made it blurry and my mother looked like an ogre. Plus they were more than 2x the price of you!!! And you are super fast!

I am so happy and impressed with what you have done. You are truly an artist! I will not hesitate to use you again and will tell everyone I know to use you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can’t wait to give these to my parents for their 40th anniversary this weekend!

Thanks again!

Kristen N.


Thanks again for such great work!


Thanks...they both look great...



I would like a 5X7 of both of them and 1 - 8X10. They are great. I love it.



Got the restoration and want to thank you. You guys did a fantastic job for us, again.

Thanks again and have a Happy New Year.


Thanks you Hector! It looks great. ... THANKS AGAIN FORYOUR HARD WORK!


Hector,Fantastic! Thanks so much!



Thanks so much for this. They look fabulous.



How beautiful, it looks great, I cannot wait to see the finished product!!!



Hi Hector,

I wanted you to know that I am EXTREMELY pleased. The other place I attempted claimed that they do nothing with it at all; yet you really brought out the details and even fixed the bottom of this photograph, which I considered totally lost. Kudos to you!

I prefer the version on the second link, below. I called and asked for an 8x10, but I wonder; could you send two 5x7's instead? I have two frames I've bought for the purpose already, which I just remembered I purchased; one for each side of the family.

Thank you again, I am very pleased.

Best Regards,


Hello Hector,

It looks great! Thank you very much for a job well done. I look forward to receiving the hard copies.


Dear Hector,

Perfect!! Thank you so much!

Thanks for sending the picture--it's beautiful!


Dear Hector,
Just received the pictures and cd today. They are fantastic !
I just wish I looked that good in real life :o)

Thanks again,


Hector,I am on the verge of tears and shock in my complete disbelief of how AMAZING these look. I will be sending in other photos for order. I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job you did. You've definitely got a new REPEAT customer! Thank you so much for yor beautiful work!

~Amanda E.



These are great. Thank you very much.

Steve M.



You did a very good job!



Hi Hector

Thank you, another job well done.

Fred Chu


Thanks for the photos of my Dad's Navy Photo, and CD.Great job!




Thank You !! They are beautiful!


Hi Hector,
I got the pics and they look great.



Perfect!As always I really appreciate your quality work, and efficient operation.
You are great!




Thank you very much for the photo restorations and the 2 styles. It is absolutely fantastic work and brings someone back to life for a few people who have never seen this man namely myself and my brother but more importantly has touched my mother who is now 74 years old and lost her father when she was 13 years old. She only has a few photos of him and of course none are in color.

I know we now tend to live in a world where few people say thank you and many seem to complain but I wanted you to know that your work has really touch us and is immensly appreciated.

Thank you again and please feel free to use this email as either a reference or a recommendation of your work.

Paul Kudrna
Naperville, IL

To: amerphoto@ix.netcom.com
Subject: RE: ...download links
Date: Mar 24, 2009 5:34 PM
Hi Hector,
Many thanks for the email. The photos are absolutely great! I am very pleased with them. Many thanks for all your help. I will certainly use your services in the future.

Kind regards,




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